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High School


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At-Home Learning Resources for High School

At-Home Learning Resources for High School

Please try to have your child do at least one activity from each subject/course a day. Students should click on the subjects/classes that correspond to the classes they are currently enrolled in. (example: Chemistry, Biology, English I, II, II, Ag, Art, etc). 

Don't stress if you cannot do everything in one day, do the best you can. 

Click on the maroon words to access the hyperlinks.

Please email your teacher if you need login information or have any questions.


Athletic Workouts Week 1

Athletic Workouts Week 2


Science- Ms. Duran (cduran@charlotteisd.org)

KENS 5 Weekly Science Lessons 3/23-3/37

Science- Flinn

Science- Khan Academy

Science- Professor Dave

Biology- Amoeba Sisters

Biology- HHMI

Biology- Biology Project

Biology- Virtual Cell

Biology- Biology 4 Kids

Biology & Forensics- Innerbody

Forensics- Virtual Autopsy

Forensics- NIDA

Chemistry- PBS Science

Chemistry- Crash Course Chemistry

Chemistry- Chem Academy


Science- Mrs. Hunter (lhunter@charlotteisd.org)

KENS 5 Weekly Science Lessons 3/23-3/37

Physics- Professor Dave

Physics- Bozeman Physics

Physics- Crash Course Physics

Physics- Khan Academy

IPC- YouTube Playlist

IPC- Khan Academy

Environmental Systems- Bozeman Environmental


Social Studies- Mr. Garza (jgarza@charlotteisd.org)

All Grades, All Subjects: COVID-19 First Person Journal

World Geography (9th Grade)- National Geographic

World Geography (9th Grade)- Newsela

World Geography (9th Grade, 6th Period)- Khan Academy (Code: FPVJ6UE5)

World Geography (9th Grade, 7th Period)- Khan Academy (Code: D9GFBWZG)

World History (10th Grade)- Common Lit

World History (10th Grade)-  The National Archives

World History (10th Grade)- Library of Congress

World History (10th Grade)- History.com

World History (10th Grade)- Britannica

World History (10th Grade)- PBS

World History (10th Grade, 1st Period)- Khan Academy (Code: TKT4S6UG)

World History (10th Grade, 5th Period)- Khan Academy (Code: 622FXWTR

Economics (11th Grade)- National Public Radio

Economics (11th Grade)- History.com

Economics (11th Grade)- Britannica

Economics (11th Grade)- Khan Academy (Code: F9VBQWTZ)


Social Studies- Mr. Lopez (llopez@charlotteisd.org)

US History Since 1877- Khan Academy Post WWII

US History Since 1877- Civil Rights

US History Since 1877-  Vietnam War

US History Since 1877- Korean War

US History Since 1877- John F. Kennedy

US History Since 1877- Richard Nixon

US History Since 1877- Watergate Scandal

US History Since 1877- Iran Hostage Crisis

US History Since 1877- Rise of Technology and Capitalism in the 1980s

US History Since 1877- Multiculturalism, Globalization, and Pop Culture in the 1990s

US History Since 1877- New Millennium, Terrorism, and Partisan Divide

Government- How Branches Work Together

Government- U.S. Constitution

Sociology- Crash Course Sociology Playlist (Also check Google Classroom for possible activities)

DND Club- DND and Beyond


English- Mr. Hawkins (jhawkins@charlotteisd.org)

All Classes- Edmentum


English- Ms. Maydon (amaydon@charlotteisd.org)

These resources have also been shared in Ms. Maydon's Google Classroom.

9th -12th Grade Reading/Current Events- NewsELA

9th -12th Grade Reading- Read Works

9th -12th Grade Reading- Common Lit

9th -12th Grade Revising/Editing- Grammar Bytes

9th -12th Grade Revising/Editing- Education World

9th -12th Grade Writing- 501 Writing Prompts

Reading Log 1

Reading Log 2


Math- Mr. Moreno (mmoreno@charlotteisd.org)

Will be using Google Classroom with Khan Academy

(Any questions email Mr. Moreno)


Math- Mr. Gonzales (jgonzales@charlotteisd.org)

All Classes- Khan Academy

(Any questions email Mr. Gonzales)


FCS- Mrs. Claudio (cclaudio@charlotteisd.org)

Principles of Human Services- G-W Learning

Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness- G-W Learning

Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness- Eat Right

Intro to Culinary Arts- G-W Learning

Intro to Culinary Arts- Eat Right


Ag- Mr. Reyna (rreyna@charlotteisd.org)

All Classes- Farm Bureau Videos


Art- Ms. Napier (dnapier@charlotteisd.org)

Art At Home (Linked Google Document)

Google Arts & Culture


CTE Computer- Ms. Romo (cromo@charlotteisd.org)

Yearbook (work on the yearbook online)- Entourage Yearbooks

Graphic Design (1st & 3rd Period)- Canva Design School

Graphic Design (1st & 3rd Period)- Creative Pro

Principles of Art/AV Technology (2nd Period)- HowtoAVTech Videos

Animation (4th Period)- Khan Academy

Video Game Development (8th Period)- Tynker (Code: 6310338)

Principles of IT (8th Period)- Beginner Guide to Programming


Spanish-Mrs. Nieto (mneito@charlotteisd.org)

Spanish (All Classes)- Study Spanish


Dual Credit- Ms. Jimenez (ijimenez@charlotteisd.org)

Continue checking assignments online. Email Mr. Harris (tharris@charlotteisd.org) if you have any questions.